GLOW Co-Founder/CEO, Yazmin Cavale

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  Business Owner Of The Week:       Glow (On Demand Beauty App)​​

 GLOW is an on demand beauty app that BHM women can use to book beauty  professionals in their area to come to their home to provide a hair, makeup, or spray tan  service. Our goal is to provide quality beauty services by experienced, credited beauty  professionals to clients in a convenient way through a mobile app.

 The app launched November 25th, 2016 in the iTunes and GooglePlay app stores. The  app recently got its 1,000th download and is off to a fast start in achieving its mission to  help Birmingham women achieve excellence through beauty, as users are already  actively using it to book GLOW beauty professionals (aka "GlowPros") for each service  GLOW offers, which range from $50 to $100.

 There are 18 GlowPros that have made it through Yazmin's process of partnering with  beauty pros to represent the brand. They represent all races and professional  backgrounds but have one common goal, and that is to provide quality beauty services on  demand. GLOW has had 120+ applicants from the Birmingham area. Through interviews  and live demo's, only 24 have made it to the all day trainings, which they do once per  month. We've done three, starting in September. Eight new GlowPro trainees are  funneled into each monthly training.

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